A six-part educational video series

Understanding Telematics

Telematics doesn't have to be confusing. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming if you're not sure where to focus. We get it. It seems that everywhere you turn, every piece of electronics is capable of tracking and monitoring. And often you're faced with a variety of products that all seem to be speaking a different language, requiring specialized software, which leaves you with a clunky, and sometimes less than desirable user experience - the very thing you want to avoid.

ZTR clears the way by providing a simple solution for all of your construction telematics needs. We offer a wide selection of telematics solutions - from access management, tool and accessory tracking, rich machine data, to software, we have a customized solution for your business.

It helps to start at the beginning, so you know where you're headed - because understanding what telematics means and how telematics solutions operate, paves the way for educated business decisions. Ready to find out more? Check out the ZTR Understanding Telematics six-part video series.

Simplifying Telematics

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #1 | What is Telematics?

Learn what telematics means, explore common terms, references, supporting formats, networks, and how telematics solutions are used to offer value in the construction industry.

How do telematics communicate

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #2 | How do telematics communicate?

Now that you have the basics, find out how telematics devices communicate, connect, share information and create a digital ecosystem that spans an entire jobsite. Telematics by definition require a communications channel to pass information from one point to another. A cellular channel is one popular method of communication, but other communications types seen in the market may include satellite support in remote locations, Wifi, or wired network solutions. It’s important to consider the environment in which you are operating because the communications methods you choose will vary.

What is a telematics platform

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #3 | What is a telematics platform?

They key to a successful telematics program is an intuitive platform. A platform is a technology foundation - the infrastructure upon which solutions can be easily built.  Platforms ensure hardware and software applications connect seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle.There are four key pieces to keep in mind: Platform Core, User Experiences, Analytics and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Explore the foundational elements that must seamlessly connect to deliver the user experience and data analytics you need.

How telematics deliver value

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #4 | How do telematics deliver value?

Learn how telematics can help you manage your fleet better, reduce downtime, and save money. Discover the potential return on investment one may derive from a telematics program implementation. A simple benefit could be getting a job done faster, or reducing some form of waste. However, value can be experienced in less quantifiable ways too - like when a loyal customer tells you they love the great new digital tool you offered! Product features and benefits are not a measure or guarantee of value on their own, but they do help to meet your goals to obtain value.

How does access management work

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #5 | How does access management work?

Access control is vital for ensuring safety and productivity on any jobsite. Learn how telematics can help track machine use and support safer working environments in construction sites. Industry organizations including ANSI and IPAF have brought forward new industry standards in the areas of design, training, and safe use of powered access equipment or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Access Management solutions, enabled by telematics, perfectly complement these industry goals, with even more additional benefits.

How to manage mixed fleet telematics

Understanding Telematics | EPISODE #6 | How do you manage mixed fleet telematics?

On the construction site, you'll often see a wide range of equipment types and a variety of various telematics devices. The term mixed fleet, describes an environment where mixtures of equipment types, equipment brands or assorted telematics solutions exist, resulting in equipment information being scattered, missing or hard to use. The challenge and opportunity is to ensure that fleet owners get the coverage that they need, with information coming together in the right places. more OEMs are providing telematics solutions right out of the factory, eliminating the effort required to install telematics after buying a machine. However, to obtain information for multiple brands, you’d need to log-in to multiple platforms, each with potentially different user interfaces, and a complete view of all your fleet data in one place, wouldn’t be seen. Learn how to manage a mixed fleet and better track an entire job site.

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