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Rental Equipment


We work with some of the largest rental houses in the world. They depend on our solutions to streamline, simplify and optimize their day to day operations. We make it easy. And as your rental fleet grows, we grow with you. You can always count on us to connect your equipment, your customers, and your organization.

Our goal is to help you reach yours.

From Safety, Sustainability, Savings to Service: we help you raise equipment standards, improve productivity, lower costs and increase machine uptime - because working smarter doesn't happen by accident.

The ONE i3® Solution: Complex Industrial IoT Made Simple.

Improve company performance with data-driven decision making.

Combining business data and equipment data will transform your rental company by generating new growth opportunities and cost efficiencies.  The challenge is pulling all the pieces together into one seamless solution. Partnering with ZTR will allow for a successful deployment at a lower cost with measurable benefits within months. In addition, ZTR will handle the ever-changing Industrial IoT world, so you can focus on your core business.

The ZTR ONE i3 Solution provides all the elements of the Industrial IoT together in one solution, tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to connect to suppliers, partners, and customers. As a complete end-to-end solution, it includes telematics hardware, equipment integration, platform, user interface with GeoZone® adaptive reporting, wireless management, and support.


  • Simplify
    • Proven factory installation with dozens of OEMs
    • Integrates with existing business systems
    • View all equipment in one system
    • Same user interface on any device (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs
    • Know where your equipment is at all times
    • Complete more work orders and capture additional services.
    • Optimize fleet equipment purchase selection based on utilization trends
  • Increase uptime and utilization of equipment
    • Use equipment health data to get it ready for rent faster
    • Give field techs information in advance to be more effective
    • Improve fleet health with proactive repairs
  • Increase revenue and customer loyalty
    • Get alerts on run hour overages and proactively contact your customer
    • Uses data to respond faster and more accurately to issues
    • Retain profitable customers with usage analysis and loyalty programs
    • Add new service offerings based on usage and failure data analysis
    • Contract management will be data-driven



ZTR has been a strong GPS supplier long before the term Industrial IoT became popular. Our combination of engineering discipline, innovative culture, and equipment experience means we will provide leading solutions for years to come. With one proven supplier, you will avoid the inefficiencies and costs of dealing with multiple vendors. 


The Industrial Internet of Things is transforming how Rental companies work.



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